8 October 2014, BBC
The 'Harry Potter' password replacement
A Taiwanese start-up has developed a novel replacement for text passwords. It lets users create their own unique "air signature" by waving their gadgets around in a particular way, like a magician with a virtual wand. The technology, developed by AirSig, uses the gyroscopes found in smartphones, smartwatches and other wearable tech to perform various tasks, from authenticating yourself to unlocking your phone, from paying for transactions to remotely opening doors and playing games.
  8 October 2014, Fast Company
What If Your Password Was A... Hand Motion?
If you were the JPMorgan employee whose stolen password was used to collect data from 76 million people, you might have wished you could wave a magic wand and made the problem go away. Similarly, if you were Jennifer Lawrence the morning she woke up and found that her naked pictures had been stolen from the cloud and leaked all over the Internet, you might have fantasized about a magic wand.
  5 September2014, Strategy Eye
INSIGHT: Four Firms Apple Should Buy To Stop The Next iCloud Hack
Security is back in the news headlines following the malicious hacking of various celebrities’ Apple iCloud accounts. One of the issues demonstrated by the hack is the vulnerabilities of many security systems at a consumer level -even at tech giants like Apple. With a huge array of services all requiring separate passwords, users end up reusing passwords again and again. Security questions are similarly flawed with so much personal data online making them often easy to guess...
  2 September 2014, TechCrunch
Mobile Authentication Tech AirSig Gets $2M From Foxconn
AirSig, a Taiwanese startup that makes authentication products for mobile devices, has received $2 million in investment from Foxconn Technology Group. In return, Foxconn will hold a 10 percent stake in the company, which puts AirSig’s valuation at $20 million, the company said. Air Signature, AirSig’s main product, uses the g-sensors in gyroscopes in smartphones to let users unlock their devices by “writing” their signature in the air. The tech is available through AirSig’s app AirSign Unlock, which is available on Google Play.
  8 October 2014, Geekazine
AirSig: Sign Your Name to Open Apps -TCDisrupt 2014
I checked out AirSig - a very inventive way to open an app on a computer or device. You push a button and write out the item in the air. Write out Facebook and Facebook could open. Since no two writing styles are the same someone else cannot get into your device.
  13 November 2013, IEEE Spectrum
In-Air Signature Gives Mobile Security to the Password-Challenged
Pokai Chen and Meng-syun Tsai, computer scientists at National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), based in Hsinchu, Taiwan, think the solution is to revert to the days when the only ID you ever needed was your signature. They’ve come up with an app that lets you log in by drawing your signature—or anything else, really—in the air with your smartphone.

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